Monday, June 4, 2012

The Journey Into The Future

There's a lot going on in my personal life. Plans for big changes are being made. Quite probably this home, this farm will no longer be the home of two guys who can act like and do things like two guys. I assure that these changes are very welcome.

Work that is normally needed is being kept up with and there is the added work of making the house half way presentable to anyone but a guy. I feel a bit guilty for not keeping up with the blog, but when other things take precedence some things suffer a bit.

I had hoped to get back to a regular blogging routine. It's not like it takes forever to decide on what to say and write a blog and then post it. Yet I'm having a hard time finding that time right now. Well, there is that and the fact that my mind is on something else. OK, someone else.

I will from time to time find moments where I'll be here and writing, but I admit that things like my kitchen have been left go to a disastrous state. Many small repairs have been left slip by the way. Cosmetic repairs have been almost totally ignored. My own self made to do list has been ignored.

Yup, I'll admit. If it were not for women, many of us guys would still be living in caves. And quite possibly when those caves needed a good cleaning we would just move to another cave. Heck, we'd probably just all live in a warmer climate and use big leaves for protection from the rain.

So as I go about the normal daily tasks and chores and am swamped with trying to catch up on cleaning, trying to get tools and parts out of the house and back to the garage and shop, attempting to get sports gear to a proper order and place, finding long lost items, I will be here when I can. But I just can't promise when.

This month, June, will be a challenge in the least. Then next month changes will occur and I'm sure there will be enjoyment and party time. Time for showing the area and time for introductions. The introductions should be fun for both of us. I haven't told anyone but the family closest to me of the changes to come. I just know there will be stunned faces and a million questions. Heck, I haven't even been known to date for twelve years!
I'm really looking forward to that. : )

After twelve years of solitude, twelve years of living like a monk. There is someone who finds me attractive, someone who knows rural farm life and the little seen working side of the picture that is hidden in the pretty stories and pictures. Someone with interests like my own, someone with a history so similar we could almost write the same book of learned ways, warnings and morals. Someone who loves to garden and see things grow. Someone who loves the outdoors as much or maybe more than I do.

Someone who has just enough difference to keep life interesting and fun, someone to learn with, someone to grow more with. Someone to have as a partner and share the ends of the days with while rocking on the porch and talking while watching the sun go to sleep for the day and hearing the night creatures waking up to sing us to sleep with their melodies.

Someone who has finished raising their children as I have and is ready now to spoil the grandchildren and send them home. Someone willing to share the lifelong learned stories with those that will listen and want to learn.

Could even be a book in here somewhere of the old biker and hippy chick who traveled separate paths and found each other in the end and lived happily ever after. Yah, kinda like a fairy tail...
Just maybe fairy tails do come true for some who are willing to let God, the spirits and the universe guide them.

I'm about to find out. With a smiling face and a warm heart I face and accept this new journey I'm about to step into with open arms. Another journey that life has prepared me for and has put in my path. Something interesting to do as I travel onward through this life. A journey that can be shared with someone so interesting, warm, kind and loving that they managed to break down my walls.

Someone to help me show that even after heartbreak so bad that is causes you to shut out the world there is still a ray of sunshine that can filter in. Someone who can turn a heart of stone into clay and mold it in their warm hands can find you. Someone who can melt the ice cubes that course through your icy veins at the though alone of love is somewhere out there.

And I'm just the kind to want to put that into words to share with the world. Put those words somewhere where people can find them freely and find joy and hope from them.

And by now my loved, regular readers here know I have a big enough mouth that never seems to stop and the chances of my doing that are more than very good.

So as my life journey continues to move ahead and I smile, you too continue to smile and share a smile with anyone and everyone you can.

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