Wednesday, October 19, 2016

You can't believe the news media?

ABC Owned by Disney – Some of the corporate holdings are in broadcasting and cable, film, music, theme parks, internet, toys and clothing.
In 1998 their chairman had a ten year contract which paid $750,000 a year along with a maximum $15 million a year bonus for financial performance, PLUS shares worth about $550 – $600 million.
While at Disney World the starting salary was $5.95 an hour, after 3 years $13,541 a year. At Disneyland Paris France an average yearly salary of $13,000 - $15000. Also while people in Haiti toiled to make the clothing for Disney they were paid an average of .28 cents an hour. And how many other countries are they in in some way! And there is much more, find out for yourself.

CBS, CW Owned by CBS Corp., Warner Brothers, Westinghouse – Yes from light bulbs, batteries, electric motors, TV's, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, flashlights, garage door openers, heating, ventilating, air conditioners, solar panels and even books, to providing nuclear energy worldwide, they are involved. Not just the Radio Television news and sports. And there is much more, find out for yourself.

NBC Owned by General Electric, Comcast – Not just Radio and TV, but aviation services, transportation, financial services, real estate, GE Americas. GE Asia, GE Europe, GE Middle East and Africa, Power Electronics, Power Components, Critical Power, Power Conversion, Digital Energy. Gas and Oil, GE Power and Water, GE Appliances, Electronics, Lighting, Electric Insurance Company, GE Health Care. And there is much more, find out for yourself.

FOX Owned by Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. – It's just so much easier to say, what don't they have their fingers in. They own the news worldwide. Their fingers are in Technology, Food, Pepsi and Coke, McDonald's, Wendy's, Wal Mart, lighting and electronics, building automaton, security systems, medical solutions, power generation, transmission and delivery, transportation, General Electric, just to name some. And there is much more, find out for yourself.

All American Multinational Conglomerates.
All big corporations with many more holdings who only care about dollars and how they can get more. NOT about who gets hurt by their filthy greed and NOT about those who struggle trying to make ends meet or who struggle to put a meal on the table...

How can we even begin to expect they will tell us unbiased news without a filter in place to ensure we believe they have nothing to do with the whys? Have nothing to do with the reasons people of other countries think bad of us here in the US?

Look deep enough into their holdings and you'll find gas and oil.
Gas and oil are what have us in many other countries. The rich and powerful of the oil companies went into the other countries and convinced the powers there to take away the land of the people who wouldn't cooperate in taking their oil from under their ground. Eminent Domain.
The left behind citizens revolt and we have war. Wars that we are now involved in because our rich have something to loose and have ?donated? big money to politicians for their campaigns. Politicians who now vote in favor of bills that will benefit the big money donors who helped them. Like it or not, it's bribery. It's selling your soul to the devil, and to hell with the people you represent.

These are not the principals our country was founded upon. This is where we the people have allowed our country to be taken to.
Don't just listen to their words, seek, research and look deeper behind the person and find the truth.

And with the battle that's going on here in the US, with some saying drilling for gas and oil is bad for the environment and research saying it's not.
Who is starting the this?
My truth seeking cynical mind fears a time coming when the big companies take away our land through Eminent Domain to take the oil and gas at a higher profit. And of course, with the governments blessings.

I knew of this from living my life, but I started this writing with only an idea.
I researched before writing.
That research and this writing only took about two and a half to three hours.

Please don't let time be an excuse for you not to seek out your truth. Thanks to the internet it really doesn't take as long as you might fear.

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